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I think Fiverr charges buyers money prematurely


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I recently placed an order to have a book cover designed.

I read the seller’s page and everything that they required in order to complete the gig. I decided I wanted to purchase their services and that I could provide them with everything they would need.

Then, after clicking “order now” I was then taken to another page where the seller explains what they need from me, in more detail than what is on their “homepage.”

On this new page, the seller asked for the trim-size of my book and the number of pages it had. Up to that point in time, I didn’t know that information, as I hadn’t completed my book yet. This information wasn’t listed on their page as something they required.

So, I decided that before I officially submitted my order, I would wait until I knew the trim size and page count of my book. And at the top of the page, it said something to the effect of “Your order hasn’t been submitted yet,” causing me to infer that I hadn’t actually submitted the gig (and subsequently hadn’t paid any money for it).

But I was wrong. I had in fact been charged the money for the gig, even though I had never actually submitted my order.

I don’t think this is right. There were extra steps in the gig’s process that were unknown to me before placing my order.

I don’t think Fiverr should charge money until the order has officially been submitted.

I understand that I could contact the seller and ask them, but this shouldn’t be a necessary step. Why isn’t everything the seller requires on the page I can see for free? And why am I charged money when Fiverr itself tells me that the gig hasn’t been submitted?

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