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Sellers Posting Buyer Requests


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Hello, Fiverr Community hope You are all doing great.
So On the Topic, I have been observing that many sellers Are posting Buyer requests and promoting themselves while this feature is specifically designed only for buyers to post their requests.
Does it even help the sellers because after all the people who submit offers are Only sellers (Not buyers) Does it even help them ? or is it useless. I just wanna know
Thank You

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In another thread like this we’ve been wondering how it can even happen, as apparently buyers need to get their requests to be approved. So not sure about that, unless the approving process involves just an automatic filtering for certain words.

Not sure if it´s entirely pointless though, as many of them actually seem to get a couple or even quite a lot of offers, and as there are people who are both sellers and buyers, and also sellers who do outsource, it might not entirely and only be telling-them-off-‘offers’ by other sellers or offers by sellers who aren´t able to understand that they are sellers too and not buyers.
This is making my head spin lol but anyway, it´s a bad practice and annoying if you´re in a category with many BRs to scroll through all the time. Fiverr should hire some people to check the BRs for seller spam manually.

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This should not be done. This is against Fiverr rules and is considered SPAM.

Also, Fiverr usually will not approve the request and will block it.
Still there are some buyer requests where sellers are promoting themselves.

For a legitimate request, this happened to me:
I wanted legitimate job requirement and I wanted to hire someone from Fiverr to do that for me. I tried searching for that and was not able to get satisfactory results. So I tried posting that as a Buyer request. To my surprise, that request was blocked.

But some still goes through the scrutiny. Don’t know how.

Probably there should be a ‘report’ button from where we can report the buyer’s request.

Hope you agree?

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