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Does Fiverr take $5 from the revenue you earn on a job?


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It looks like you need to do some research on the site you are selling on. Please check out the Terms of Service, the Fiverr Academy, the forum rules and read posts in the FAQ forum, etc. It’s much better to be informed. As @matrixlogo said, you get 80% no matter how much the gig costs. Fiverr takes a 20% commission from everything you make, but you don’t pay any monthly fees or buy credits or anything like that. You only pay Fiverr when you get paid.

You also need to use a picture that doesn’t belong to someone else. You are not Niclas Gillis and he is not that young anymore. Take care to be honest with your Fiverr profile or you may find yourself unable to sell her for long. If you can keep getting orders at a starting price of $25, more power to you, but I think you might find orders scarce at that price until you have more experience. Good luck.

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