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Details about All payment method (Important for everyone to know)


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Hello all sellers,
how about your time.
Today i will tell you about the whole payment process in fiverr marketplace.
When your revenue is available to your account and you don’t understand exactly which payment method you use .
Don’t worry , I am here to help you as much as possible to give information about this sectionn.
so now let’s start.
There has 3 payment method in fiverr to withdraw revenue.
1… Paypal
=> Paypal is a standard payment method to withdraw instantly revenue from fiverr.
When you add your paypal mail in fiverr, it will take 24 hours to verify and after 24 hours
you can withdraw your revenue Instantly and paypal will take charge $1 for every

2… Payoneer

=> You can use your payoneer account as withdraw but when your available balance is more
than $20 , you can withdraw using payoneer. there has two section for transaction from
fiverr to payoneer.
If you withdraw instantly , it will take charge $3 for each transaction and take few hours to
withdraw your revenue.
If you withdraw normally , it will take charge $1 for each transactionn and take more than 2
business day to withdraw your revenue.

3… Bank withdraw

=> If you wan to use your bank account as withdrawl method, at first you need to create a
payoneer account and after than you can link your bank with payoneer .
if you available balance is more than $20 , you can use bank as withdraw and it will take
the same system as Payoneer.

So guys, No more today, Will you talk again with new featuare in fiverr marketplace.
if you wish , you can view my profile and favorite my gig to give your thankness.
Happy freelancing…

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