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Moderation for scam gigs please!


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So I have a gig for distribution of 50 flyers in NYC and it’s been doing well, until the switch to v2. I took a look at the category page today and there’s a gig right next to mine for flyer distribution (print included, tab cutting included) of 300 flyers in NYC. Lets put aside the fact that the guy who’s doing it is listed in the Phillipines and that cutting and distributing that many flyers would take hours; fact of the matter is just printing 300 flyers will burn through a full ink cartridge, which needless to say is a lot more than $5.

On a regular basis I have customers complain and sometimes cancel orders because I won’t print in color for $5, saying most other sellers will. I know for a fact these people are not actually doing it or are just printing far less than they say, because there’s absolutely no possible way to do that and turn profit. It’s pretty common sense these are scams and there’re tons of similar examples in many other categories that have been there for over a year. Some focus really needs to be placed on getting rid of these.

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