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******** Poor Work ethic BEWARE


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This is the same as vague-booking. It’s also public shaming without providing sufficient detail for others to determine if shame is warranted.

You seem like you’re never satisfied. A quick search of your username and Fiverr suggests that you never rate a full 5 stars. It’s probably a matter of principle, right? I wonder what would be 5 stars to you, as plenty of highly-rated sellers have a “satisfactory experience” review from you.

All this suggests that the user you called out (a Level 2 seller, no less, with fantastic reviews) probably wouldn’t put up with you and now you’re upset over $5.

If you expect the world for $5… you are looking in the wrong place. That’s kind of the idea – it’s so little that it’s basically a wash. That’s why so many people suggest testing a seller with $5 before ordering higher amounts.

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