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My Fiverr Account DEAD! Any help?


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My first few months on Fiverr were great, but now it’s bean 3-4 months I got hardly five orders. I am nit sure what went wrong. There were three late deliveries that I think might have resulted in this. I worried as I am working as a fulltime free-lancer. Please any help?


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First thing is first, ’ I will high quality and informative 400 words content for you using keywords related to your business or website’, spot the mistake.

  1. You are offering a WRITING gig in ENGLISH, there can be NO mistakes. People are already sceptical about ordering from a non-native as it is, make sure you don’t give them reason to doubt your skills.

  2. Fresh up your description, it’s centerred around a very stale, used idea. Content is king. I’ve read it over 100 times on fiverr. What makes YOUR writing unique, what makes you different from the 60,000 other writing gigs claiming content is king. Put your own personal stamp in your writing, don’t tell them what they’re buying, SHOW THEM.

  3. Last but not last, draw inspiration. Not from trusted sellers or top rated sellers, they usually get lazy and they rely on their reputation, have a look at a level 2 seller, maybe even a brand new seller with lots of sales when they’ve just started. The people at the bottom usually try the hardest. Learn what the competition is including but you’re not.

For example, if you look at mine, I have 4 pieces of examples of my work and a logo and a theme through my design. I have a filled out FAQ question, it’s optimised to it’s max. DON’T COPY, but draw some ideas and make your profile unique to everyone else’s.

Have a little faith, your product looks good, and a lot better than the other non-native writing gigs. Keep working at it and you’ll make it. I’m not an expert or anyone to judge, this is just my own opinion that I thought i’d share. Hope it helps mate.


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