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What is buyer request ? (Important Tips For New Seller)


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Hello everyone ,
How are you all ? Today i wan to share an important and mostly essential thing that is very useful for those sellers who are new in Fiverr marketplace.
What is buyer request ?
=> Buyer request is an easy option for the buyers to take their service from the best sellers .
A buyer post a request on this place the service they want .
Most of the new sellers got mistake this place and most of the time they lost their account. A seller shouldn’t post buyer request platform as promote their service.
If a seller post here as promote his/her service, Fiverr can blocked/disabled his/her account anytime without any notice.
My advice for every new sellers , please don’t post buyer request place as promote your gig. you shouldn’t use this without the knowledge about this section.

No more today.
thanks for reading my tips.

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