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Order Completion rating (and a certain scenario)


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So how does Order Completion rating works or affected? What is the worst case scenario that can drop this rating?

Recently, I received a message for one of my gigs, He/She said he/she was a blogger in the industry of beauty and fashion and needed the usual top 10 lists of certain products. An order was placed immediately when I opened up the message.

So to move forward I asked the usual questions. What are the products needed? The subject/title of the magazine-style image? Are there images ready to be used?

Buyer sent me sample images of what should I work on but still no clear information! I mean, it got me a bit mad because if he/she was a blogger then he/she should know that there has to be a content for the image that was ordered, right?

Buyer said he will send the products to feature. The deadline was closing in at this point so I replied with an actual smiley because deep inside I was thinking that finally! I can finish up this gig before it will be tagged as late. I even sent a message to remind him that time is running out for the order.

But then I never got a reply until it was already tagged as late. And then the buyer just cancelled on me. Now I sent a message and asked about it. No reply yet.

So with regards to that story of mine, how will this affect my Order Completion rating? Will it drop down a significant amount because of the cancellation?

I also suggest that sellers should be notified for approval of cancellation since it’s not always the sellers’ fault if the order got late. 😦

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