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I need Help!


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This post will help you.

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New Seller? No Orders? Don't Know What to Do? Read Here:

Hi Sellers, This is going to sound harsh but I am going to say it anyway. There are so many people here posting requests for help and so many incompetent sellers that I feel compelled to say something. There is a possibility that you will never...

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I’m by no means an expert but here are 3 tips I’ve noticed just from scanning your file.

  1. If English isn’t your first language, have someone write your description and profile for you to make it stand out. You need that pop to secure your first few orders

  2. Maybe include a video where you explain exactly what you provide, it doesn’t help all gigs, but visual gigs like yours are sure to be benefited.

  3. Make use of all the Fiverr features. This includes the FAQ section. If people have questions about your product that are unanswered before they purchase, sometimes they will just move on. It increases the appearance of credibility.

Bonus tip
Sapphire gig? Possibly change your package names, I wouldn’t purchase anything called sapphire package but that’s just me. Feel free to message me if you want any more advice on your gig, like I said, I’m by no means an expert. Just trying to help where I can.

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