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New Seller? No Orders? Don't Know What to Do? Read Here:


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Hi Sellers,

This is going to sound harsh but I am going to say it anyway. There are so many people here posting requests for help and so many incompetent sellers that I feel compelled to say something.

There is a possibility that you will never make money through working on Fiverr.

In the same way that I am never going to make money as a male model, you may never make money as a seller here. I do not have what is required to make money as a male model and so, even if the idea attracted me, even if I heard that some people make lots of money at it and even if I decided I was going to try as hard as I can - I would still not make money in that profession.
The same might be true for you as a seller.

Selling on Fiverr takes some skills. I don’t mean selling one or two gigs per week, that can be just down to good luck. I mean to earn a living here - you need certain skills and even then, certain people are not suited to it.

  • Having good English is very important as most buyers are English speaking. Why would a buyer choose to buy from you if communication will be difficult? They will go to the person they understand instead.
  • Being able to sell yourself and your service - If you cannot explain what you do to people, if you cannot convince strangers to buy from you, you will not get work here.
  • Having a “thick skin”: Some people in the world are not nice people. They will attempt to take advantage of you. They may insult you or your work. If this upsets you or you waste your time with these people then your experience here will be miserable.
  • Being good at what you do: Just because your mom said the logo you made is nice, it doesnt mean that it is. If you choose what gigs to offer because you think you can make the most money from them then there is a good chance that you are not good enough at it. What you are capable of doing should be obvious to you.
  • If you do not know how to promote yourself (and won’t learn how to) then you will not be successful here. You may beg others to help, you may copy people but the reality is that you will not get many jobs here without self-promotion.

Of course, you can improve your English by doing some of the many free English courses available and reading more. You can learn how to sell yourself better. You can develop a thicker skin. You can develop your niche skills. You can learn to promote your gigs. However, if you are not prepared to do these things then you should simply give up the idea of working as a Fiverr seller.

While the male modeling industry is missing out on my great talent, you won’t be missed if you stop offering services on Fiverr. There are thousands of people available to do things just as well and better than you - and they also have the skills mentioned above.
Some people are better suited to other things and that is ok. It’s not a failure to realize that you are not right for this - it’s a lesson learned. Find the work that DOES suit the skills you have or are prepared to learn. There are other options. By finding what’s right for you will be happier, make more money and be more successful. By wasting time here, you are wasting opportunities elsewhere.

As a former youth worker, I know that sometimes it is important to tell people the honest truth, the harsh truth, the thing they don’t want to hear. When teens I worked with wanted to be surgeons but had no chance of achieving it (and no work ethic), I told them in a nicer way, that they need to look at other options.
Perhaps you do too.

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Hello , I did create my gig about a month ago and i had around 5 orders , And I canceled 2 order from 1 buyer (discussing with buyer) , because buyer didn’t know how to submit required information . The cancellation didn’t leave anything in my gig but my impression dropped to 30 now . Can someone who is expert at Fiverr tell me how to increase my gig visibility ?

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Words falling on deaf years.

I recently stumbled upon on youtube how Fiverr is being utilized at some countries. Ya’ll can take a guess which ones, but I won’t specify here.

It was a outsourcing class tutorial, and what was being shown was how to create a Fiverr account, make gigs, COPY and PARAPHRASE gig descriptions etc. Just youtube search and you will find a lot of them.

Anyways, have none of you noticed, when us regulars post on the forum, we don’t see those newbies flocking to our posts and replying…
But you will notice that this new comer posts some RANDOM crap about sellers tips and you will see a flock of users out of nowhere respond to them.
Why is that? Probably because there’s a outsourcing class happening somewhere and they were instructed by the instructor to come to the forum and make posts for WHATEVER the benefit they decree it brings to their gigs.

So regular forum members, no need to create new threads explaining what should be done and what not. Words are falling on deaf years. Instead just reply to their threads with a redirect for already one of thousands of forum threads based on WHAT TO DOs.

Nothing against you @eoinfinnegan, but I do not want you to waste your energy on something that is utterly useless.

Until those mofos, stop teaching the wrong way of doing things in their classes for Fiverr, you cannot win this Uphill battle.


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When you create a new gig, Fiverr bumps it up the rankings and it is shown prominently for a certain amount of time. Then it moves into the mix of gigs and is ranked more in accordance with merit.
It is vital that you secure orders in that time.
This next part is my own speculation:
I believe conversion rate is one of the big factors in ranking. It is interesting that it is one of the few stats they give us and shows that they monitor it. The only reason for this would be to maximize sales. For this reason, I think those who convert queries to sales are favored by Fiverr and rewarded with higher rankings. Just a theory though.

Also, I suggest you remove your email address from your gig FAQs before Fiverr remove you from the site.

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This post is aimed mainly at the people who are genuinely interested in becoming sellers and not just the get-rich-quick devotees that those YT videos create.
Everything about Fiverr makes it seem that it is simple to make money here. So many posts about “anyone can do it” etc. It’s true, anyone can make a couple of sales but there is a big difference between that and making a living here.
I hope those people read this post and understand that it may not be that there is something wrong with them, this just doesn’t suit them.

The get-rich-quick devotees etc can waste someone else’s time, I rarely do more for them than my copy-paste comment of “work or GTFO”.

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Nice post, and props for having been a youth worker. Oh but don´t give up too soon, maybe the knitting club needs a male model!

But yes, like it was already said, it´s usually not the people who’d profit the most from reading it, who read it.

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