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Hello Graphicnova

Congratulation for joining fiverr. I’m also from india so its nice to see you here at fiverr. I’m not fiverr expert, just join the fiverr 2 weeks ago and publish my first gig a week ago. I suggest you to explore fiverr academy and udemy.com to find best way to get success in your fiverr business.

Suggestion to improve your gig:

  • First of all add a gig video its help to increase sales
  • Fiverr all 3 gig pictures but right now you are only using one. Use all 3 to show your work
  • Fiverr also allow 2 PDF and make sure you are using them to show your work
  • Also make FAQ section in your gig

Hope after doing all above changes your gig will be 100% perfect. You can do social media promotion to get more visitors on your gig and you can also make a blog/website and give your gig link there to drive more traffic (example: http://cutevamp.com my website to refer traffic on my fiverr profile and gigs).

Best of luck, hope my feedback will help you and if you think all above information are useful then give me a thumb up


Cute Vamp

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