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Suggestion: Please an option to reduce the gig amount drop-down or deactivate it


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When I recently got my seller 1 badge, I unlocked a few peaks. So far so good.
Unfortunately one of those peaks is that buyers can now choose an amount of my gig up to 10 instead of only 5.

This is no peak for me unfortunately, but rather unfortunate. If too many buyers max out
the amount for a gig on the same day, maybe also book fast delivery on top of that, I might have a problem.

That amount-menu is nice, and surely helpful for many people,
but I´d like to be able to set the max amount myself,
probably for some gigs I´d prefer to set that amount to 1 actually, and have buyers who want more words contact me for a custom offer, for better planning/organisation/to tell them if 24 hours is possible etc.

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Are you talking about gig multiples? At first I also thought you were talking about limiting the number of total orders. I re-read your post and now I think maybe you meant that you were worried about time. It seems to me that they added something to allow you to add extra time for multiples or turn off multiples, although I don’t see it right now. Even the Knowledge Base says “Note: If you have multiple orders enabled, you can select how much you charge.”

That makes it sound like you can disabled multiple orders. Does that sound like what you are suggesting? If so, you might writing to customer support and ask about that line in the Fiverr help articles. You can search for those words on the support page and you should find the article.

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