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Pretty late but allow me to introduce myself..:)


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Hi everyone. Although it is more than two weeks since I join in this platform but I was unaware about this section of writing about myself. So, today I am here and feeling happy to be a part of this New User Intros.

What I want to say that, I already made up my profile and add two gigs. These are mainly about data entry base works. And I already send offers from buyer request section. Although I am unable to send all 10 offers daily basis, because there are some request that I think not suitable for me. It shows offers that does not relate to my preference. So, I am little bit frustrated about this and still get no order. Now what should I do?

Please give me some useful tips or suggessions.

Thanks in advance…🙂

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Hello and welcome, if belatedly.
I sometimes don´t see any new BRs in my category either, no suiting ones, or none at all, maybe give it a bit more patience and work on your gigs and read all the tips in the Academy pages and the forum and try to apply those that will work for your case. There are lots of tips already on the forum, e.g. promote your gigs on social media, make a video etc.
Good luck!

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