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Salam People.......I'm new to Fiverr


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I’m a student doing BBA. I’m in my third year of studies and I badly need a part-time job.I discovered about Fiverr couple of months ago and made my profile, gig, etc. I worked on getting clients but didn’t get a single client. I am extremely worried as its really important for me to earn now. Please help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

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W/S Toobaalam Brother,

I checked your gig and found following elements are missing :-

  • Gig video is missing
  • Fiverr allow 3 gig images, you can use these 3 images to creatively explain about your services and extras.
  • Fiverr allow 2 PDF, use them to show your sample work
I think if you do above changes then you gig will look more impressive and more buyers will attract to your gigSometime making a good gig is not enough we also need to do promotion. Please do above changes first and if you still not make any sales then let me know and I will guide you about gig promotion (social media promotion) to get business for sure.

If you like my suggestion then give me a thumb up



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