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I am not getting Orders from last 4 months


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I’m not a Fiverr Expert, just join fiverr around 2 weeks ago but I think you need to make better gigs. invest sometime to do research and make impressive gig to attract the buyers and do social promotion to drive some traffic on your gigs.

I spend over 5 days (10-12 hours work in a day) and $200 for making my first gig and got first order in less than 24 hours. Make sure you make perfect looking gigs. Don’t copy any top seller and don’t ignore your gig video. Use all the tools fiverr offer you to make your gig impressive.

Make sure you are using:

  • Gig Video
  • Good and easy to understand Gig description
  • Portfolio images (3 gig images
  • PDFs (2 pdf are allowed in gig)
  • Make attest 5-7 FAQs
  • Extras

If you make impressive gigs and promote your gig to target people then you will get orders for sure. You can delete current not working gig and make new gigs.

If you like my tip then you can hit the thumb up

Thanks & Best of luck for your fiverr business


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