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Buyers, please make your requests as detailed as possible


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I often tour the Buyer Requests section, and whenever I do I come across a lot of VAGUE REQUESTS. I understand that most buyers may not be aware that sellers can only send 10 offers in a day, and we have to make the most out of our offers; hence the reason for this tip.

So let’s say you need an article written for you. Don’t just come in and post a request that goes like:

'I need articles can anyone help?'

Sure we can help, but you really have to provide more information so that we can determine at a glance wether your project is something we can handle before sending you offers. And remember we have to include a quote in our offer, so enough information helps us price the project properly.

A better request can be worded like this:

'I need 4 ARTICLES on HEALTH &  FITNESS, each of the articles should be    between 400 - 500 WORDS. Can anyone help?'

Alternatively, you can attach a file that says all that and even includes more details such as your preferred headings for each of the
articles, and resources you would like the seller to look at (if any). This way you only get targeted offers and everyone’s time is saved.
I hope I have made some sense here.


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The endless void. The cold, sweet grip of death. The end to all troubles.

Or maybe he’s thinking King Canute. His court lackeys got him to think he had control of the tide and so he plopped a throne on the beach and commanded the waves to stop waving. Much like some buyers on Fiverr, it was a fruitless venture.

But still, screeching into the endless void can be a good way to let all that frustration out in a healthy, adult way. So long as no passersby see you and think you’ve gone bonkers.

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I thought the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, but I like those two options.

Apropos, if I now, while that button is back again, upvote the OP, and the button dissappears again, will my upvote morph into a thumb up, or will it end in the grip of the void?

So, I upvoted it and it now has +2, keeping an eye on this.

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