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Fiverr search not working?! [solved]


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I see you had a general search problem it seems and it´s solved, but search is ‘not working’ for me, ever. At least the following isn´t what I´d call a working search.

I´ve tried search several times, to see, where I can find my gigs.
I chose Translation > From English > To German

The results were not 0, well, 0 for my own gigs, yes, or at least I was never patient enough to scroll on far enough, but they were anything but what I expected from the possibilities you get to pick from the pulldown menus.

The first 5 hits were anything from English/Korean to Russian/English, and the gigs had absolutely nothing to do with German, unless I guess ‘German’ was used as a tag for some reason.
Hit 6 was actually English/German, not too bad. But scrolling on revealed, while a lot of English/German gigs, just as many and more for whatever language combination.
If I was a buyer and had to scroll myself through lots and lots of other languages while one gave me the exact terms ‘From English’ ‘To German’ to pick from, I´d probably scream.

Anyway, search doesn´t work for me, at all. No idea how my buyers who didn´t get an offer from me via BR ever found me really.

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I don’t think search is working for me either. I cannot find my gig when I type in something and search for it. I create 3d character models and I tried typing in all relevant tags like ‘3d’ ‘character’ etc together and separate and search but my gig never shows up, even if i filter to new arrivals (the gig is 24 hours old so it’s very new).

The ONLY way to find my gig is to start at the home page and navigate to it’s category of 2d & 3D then filter by new arrivals, THEN it appears as #1. Fiverr I hope you fix your search soon, until you do, people will literally not be able to find it if they type anything in the search bar…

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