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Tip for Reporting a Bug


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When you go to the CS page to report a bug:

once you decided what to pick from the top pull-down-menu-thingie,

do not type your bug description/detailed report in the field yet,

first go down and pick all the other pull-down-menu-thingies you´ll be asked to choose thereafter, and only once you´ve chosen all of those and everything looks fine,
go back up and type your actual report.

Because else, if you discover you´ll have to change your top pull-down-choice later on, because one of the following pull-down-choices doesn´t line up, your detailed typed report might be lost, at least, that is what happened to me.
If you know all the pull downs and what to pick where by heart already, sure, go ahead.

(Of course, If you want to be really sure to not lose the fruits of your labour, it´s generally helpful to type not into any boxes online at all, but to write whatever you want to write in the text program of your choice and copypaste it where it should go. That´s a wise advice I rarely heed myself though until I, once more, lose a really long typed text again, but anyway, there it is, do with it what you will.)

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Since this is a pinned post and might be read by people who come here for buggy info, this might help as well, or not, but anyway…

known persistent bugs and possible remedies:

THE COMMON RESPONSERATE BUG (bogus responsus fiverrregio)

1st symptom:
“My response time percentage is down to 86% <or whatever less than 100%>, but I always reply right away”

Well, join the ranks. This symptom is caused by the common response time leech, most victims treat it with one of the following cures:

  • ignore it, response time is the devil´s own invention anyway and "a matter of principle, yo"
    People who approach the responsrate bug with this attitude often are the same weirdo individuals who regularly raise their left brows when reading the latest tips-for-sellers tip about how one should sleep next to one´s smartphone, logged into the fiverr app to ‘show as logged in’, optionally just pretending and annoying the buyers who´re filtering for online sellers to talk to them right now OR even having notification signals turned on and actually interrupt their sleep to talk with any buyer who´ll message them during their weekly 4-hour-sleep (Mr. F., if you´re interested in buying this idea, please message me, preferably during European daylight hours). Judge for yourself, which of the two is the most severe symptom of what.

  • ignore it because it´s a well-known and well-established bug which doesn´t seem likely to go away anytime soon and enough people are already bugging CS about it anyhow
    This method is particularly suited for people with an ‘I got better things to do than inform people about things they already are informed about, especially since all the information doesn´t seem to lead to anything anyway and anyhow’-attitude (also known as AAA attitude or AAAA. Sometimes they still get annoyed by the bug yet and lose their calm and can be seen running through their office or living-room-cum-office or their spot under the stairs, tearing their hair out with an ‘AAAA’-scream).

  • ignore it, because “They don´t care anyway”

  • ignore it, because they are PETA members and “hey, it´s a cute lil bug and it dun bite”

  • ignore it, because “We´re all dead in 100 years anyway”

  • ignore it, just because

  • ignore it, because <insert factual or original reason of your own>

  • write to Customer Support about it (clickable link).
    This method usually, as to the many posts about the issue, results in them resetting your response rate back to 100%. And in your response rate mysteriously dropping back to 86% <or whatever rate less than 100%> soon. What, depending on the kind of patient involved, results in them rinsing and repeating the CS-method, or joining one of the ‘ignore it!’-camps.

  • panic and search the forum and join the many discussions and/or reports on the little critter

  • panic and open a new discussion and/or report on the little critter

Contrary to popular belief, the rumours about sellers who have only because of one of the many discussions on the responserate bug realized that they themselves are affected, are an urban legend only. Sadly.

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