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Can anyone tell me what sketch document is?


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Sketch work is hand work with led pencil that you do before creating final logo.

usually logo designers create many sketches with pencil before reaching on final idea. After that they scan the final sketch and create same logo by tracing it in illustrator.

You need to provide your client these ruff and final sketches. If you did not done the sketch work you can tell the buyer that you don’t have sketch work and you did the design directly in illustrator or other design software.

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It sounds like you are trying something new with the logo gig and you might want to study up some. If you happen to be designing logos in n application that generates basic logos, you should disclose that since buyers expect new design. If you are using software like Photoshop but starting with a simple logo from elsewhere and just modifying it to match buyer requirements, you should also disclose that. It can affect the buyers ability to use the finished logo without legal issues.

Making sure you have a foundation in your newest craft can save you from some headaches down the road.

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