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Thank You Fiverr!


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Well done Writer this is something we should be celebrating. I don’t like where this thread went. The forum is a place for community good and stories like this align the social and moral values freelancers should have. Thanks for sharing

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I always liked that euphemistic phrase (‘old maids who live together because they never got married. They’re very close’) back in the day (like 100 years ago) when two elderly, unrelated spinsters would live together. Seems that the US phrase is a ‘Boston marriage’,

That’s not to say that they were necessarily lesbians (e.g. they could have been feminists with independent wealth who didn’t want to become a Mrs John Smith, or just plain old asexual), but given that people are predictable, I’m sure polite society had some choice words to discuss their depravity. Quite a lot of literary female types back in the day had this kind of living arrangement, so there’s also the whole ‘artistic people’ suspicion to throw on top. Women were also not allowed to perform in theater for the longest time (boys were instead used–in drag, I guess) as it was about the same rung of respectability of being a lady of the night. Curiously, men have never been held up to similar standards of propriety–sowing seed is one thing, but the Madonna must be pristine! I kind of like Madonna for taking that name, even if she’s completely over the hill now and should just stop. Nobody wants to see old lady booty getting down on it. (Of course, if you, dear reader, are a fan of old lady booty that’s fine by me).

I hardly need point out the obvious innuendo in maids, do I? Better to have a genteel suspicion than be regarded as a fallen women. Of course, women didn’t enjoy sex at all back then, and if they did it was considered hysteria (look up the greek origins of that word for a chuckle!) and they were sent to Dr. Perv who would calm them down with what I can only describe as a ‘comfort device’, or a ‘back massager’ (as the Hitachi magic wand advertises itself in the back of newspapers…)

It must have been queer being a woman a long time ago! /s Still is in certain countries I will not name. Quite a lot of them, too. So don’t worry, I’m not singling any particular nationality out here! Anyone who leaps to defend theirs against this unspoken charge has automatically lost the argument.

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Conversational threads often run to tangents in the same way real life discussion does. Thanks for contributing, we rarely see Ambassadors except on the exceptional podcast thread where Adam, Ryan and Redd have worked so hard to add value. I don’t prefer to comment on individual moral values of others, but I do think this thread is just a group of forum visitors rambling a bit, me included.

I respect Writer for his skills and eloquence and I am positive he knows this. I don’t think I’m alone in that. The forum is a little slow with the recent technical problems and that probably had an effect as well. Either way, I appreciate activity and I hope no one would feel judged based on their individual social or moral values based on a conversational thread. Happy selling and that’s all I have for this thread. 🙂

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As an admin, why aren’t you more active in combating those threads where scamming is evident? As an ambassador, furthermore, why don’t you actively push Fiverr (HQ) to increase its security for both buyers and sellers when dealing with scammers?

If you must talk about social and moral values in the context of a certificate that looks like this–which has nothing to do with freelancing, yet everything to do with being a dutiful citizen–then why are you not acting as a liaison between the Fiverr community and the company itself with numerous complaints?

We can celebrate one person paying their tax, of course, but it’s something we all do. Personally, why aren’t we criticizing the rather lazy manner of it. “Mr/Ms?” Oh, your tax number personalizes you. Makes you feel special As writer knows–far better than 99% of people commenting here–India has a serious tax evasion problem. This “feelgood” move is the solution. Only, as with most govt (any govt) maneuvers when rousing the citizenry to fill the coffers, it’s a fail. MANY people who got this certificate (in their email) thought it was spam, according to the Times of India–so it’s on record as a clumsy fail.

Now, I would like to know more about how ambassadors actually work. What does it entail? Making more than a certain amount of money? Helping inbox spammers by directing them to the academy? I’m genuinely interested.

If you want to celebrate a badly done political initiative, that’s fine. But as an admin, where have you been? As an ambassador, what have you done? As someone invested in the “community good”, I think these are questions that deserve some answer.

And to address your previous response somewhere above, that tangent was not directed at Writer–it was directed at Cy. This response is off-thread, but directed at you. As writer has left us–again–there’s no point in responding to him; but he will be back.

You might not like where this thread went, but I do not think that you can rightfully comment on the relationships here if you are not a part of this community–through a lack of participation/lurking–even if you are admin.

And writer, stop sulking and come back. Don’t you at least want to tell me why this dreadful certificate deserves anything other than being dumped in the spam box?

Besides, we could bring up Kashmir again (@ozzieuk, I suggest you check out the deleted Kashmir posts from… about a month or two ago. I am assuming that you have access to those, but if not, I’m sure that @fonthaunt or @annai80 could assist). You were so happy, as was your moral and social duty, writer. But on an international forum, making vague allusions to painful disputes for the people who are actually living through it and suggesting that you are happy IS not going to end well.

Ultimately, people fight. They talk, they go off in tangents. Communities are not made on tea and crumpets. Writer would do well to listen to criticism and take some of it on board. These forum flounces are little more than collecting “don’t go!” messages, but ultimately, he wants everyone to know that he is a success, and he cannot handle criticism (sorry for the third person, writer, but you have flounced–how many time this year?)

Anyway, as ambassador, what do you think about Fiverr’s horrific reputation everywhere? TrustPilot (angry people who don’t read). GlassDoor (interesting notes on the CEO) and others all have Fiverr down as pretty much a solid 2.5 stars.

So again, I ask you, what is Fiverr doing to combat this image? As ambassador, what is your role, if any in this (improving the PR)? Do you have any real power? Because a nice quiet forum where everyone holds hands is a fantasy. What isn’t a fantasy is having a title and using it–unless it’s basically a sinecure.

Based on your recent posts, I’m leaning towards the sinecure. Nothing personal, but there are huge issues RIGHT NOW and all I’m hearing is “why can’t we all just get along”.

That’s not effective. So, writer, stop sulking and come back, and Oz, I’ve been a bit hard on you, so I’ll finish with an easy question: are you an Australian living in the UK? I’ve been wondering.

Oh, the cert. LOL. This would not fly in Greece, it would not fly in the UK, nor the US (I think). If you want more than 1% of Indians to pay tax, this is the lamest move ever.

EDIT: the attachments appear to be broken, but my internet is also dire. http://imgur.com/a/znzXe

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If you can’t see the image, blame my internet. God knows I’ve had tons of fun with it today. Here’s another link. just look at it. All this controversy over a badly-made impersonal cert. Scroll down a bit. I haven’t looked up what a crore is (hello, writer, tell us!) but a lakh is a unit of 100,000 mini-lakhs.Maybe a crore is 100,000 lakhs? That makes too much sense, so I think I’m wrong.

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And the new, anon downvote wasn’t going to affect things?

I need to click on one, so I’ve very unfairly clicked on yours. My admission should negate it. You may even be the first down voted person.

Hey, this is great for that positive community spirit, isn’t it? It really fits in with those values. So ugly too–it goes green when you click and why is the downvote more heavily registered than the up?

See attachment. This has not fixed the front page login issue, but at least we can now downvote each other. If this is so important, let a voter change their mind and quit the vote. You can’t.

Go ahead, try it. Is there any functionality behind this? Because I’m seeing something unnecessary pasted on top of a broken mess.

Fiverr. 2.5 stars. Frankly, it’s embarrassing sometimes.

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I´m with you on that, voting up and not voting should be enough for a forum like this…

Actually, the longer I wonder about it, the worse do I find it. It will only make some people afraid of posting on the forum at all, it´s already enough to live in fear of 4 1/2 star ratings instead of 5 stars and of response time.

It was good like it was, if you like a post, vote it up, if not, move on or make a fun remark. Don´t fix it if it wasn´t broken, there´s other things to fix that are really broken.

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