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What is the average time for getting first order after making a Gig. Can anyone?


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Hi, everyone I want to know about the time taken by first order while completing your first Gig. After making your first Gig then how much time is on average for your first order. What factors depending on getting the first order or it does not related to something. Please anyone who give me some direction about this issue.

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Hi there. I can´t tell you the average, you´ll have to make that out from all replies you´ll get, but I can tell you I joined on…the 2nd I think, and I´m quite sure I didn´t make/activate my gig for at least one or two days, just browsed Academy and forum and read. So probably first gig on the 3rd or 4th. My first order revenue shows up for the 6th…so around 2-3 days.

What I did was reading BRs and applying to anything I knew I could do well.

My first gig was/is translation English - German, manually, as native speaker, just saying because I assume the category your gigs are in matter a lot too. If your gigs are in a category where you have much competition, logic tells me it will most probably take longer on average.

What I didn´t do was using a pic for my gig showing the hands of a guy on a keyboard, but my own. Not to be snarky, and I saw your slogan, which isn´t bad, but believe me, many people won´t book a gig from someone with a male profile pic (that´s a good profile pic, as it shows you, that gives you credibility) who has a gig stock photo showing a woman’s hands, it´s much better than the other way around obviously, but still won´t help with getting orders, it ‘doesn´t line up’ if you get me, stock photo for a gig is ok, if you don´t hurt any IPs, but better find one with a guy’s hands, if you don´t want to take your own photo for that.
and then check BRs all the time, once you´ll have your first review things will start looking brighter. And take the time you have while not getting orders to read all fiverr official info-pages plus relevant posts on this forum, that will help with questions that will crop up when you start getting orders, or even avoid some questions and pitfalls in the first place.

Good luck!

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