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How to get first order?


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Hello and welcome on fiverr.
My guess and tip: That´s Detective Conan as your profile pic, right? If I wanted to hire someone for a cover that I want to use to sell something I made, I´d not choose a seller who uses something they didn´t photograph or create themselves, I´d be afraid that I´ll run into IP (Intellectual Property) issues with the cover they´d give me. Better use a photograph or a drawing or something else you made yourself for your profile pic. And, in case you haven´t yet, make sure that you have a good understanding of IP (ask google, they know not everything, but surely everything there is to know about IP), and don´t use anything you don´t have the relevant rights for to make things for your buyers!

And good luck! 🙂

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I believe miiila has summed up everything pretty well. I’m from Japan and a nerd, and as
much as I love my anime and Detective Conan, I won’t want to order a gig from someone
who uses Conan as a profile pic, sorry.

Try reading through this when you have time, it might give you some ideas:
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Things to keep in mind when you are a new seller (updated version)

So here's my slightly updated version of of how to get a step closer to being successful. I'll be as honest and clear as possible. Hopefully this will help some people. Be aware that Fiverr is NOT an easy way to make money. It's not the lottery....

Reading time: 4 mins ? Likes: 7 ❤

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Hello Hammad,

Lets assume a buyer has found your gig and he wants the services which you can deliver.
(There is a lot before that, your gig should be visible, impressions, etc about which I will talk later below)

As a buyer, he will like to know that whether this person is capable enough to complete the work in a perfect way. He also needs to put some trust in you. As it was already mentioned, you need to have a great profile picture. Something which says ‘Yes, I can do it’. People generally tend to trust more if they know with whom they are working with.

I am working with a buyer (still working with her, almost one year). She messaged me to work on a website. After some chat, she asked me to know how I look like. I sent her my picture. Some buyers would ask for it, other would just skip to some other gig. You don’t want to be in a situation where just because of your picture you are not getting sales. Your profile picture should work for you.

Second, ensure you have a great description. A potential buyer will definitely look into your profile before spending any money. He would be curious with whom he will be working with. It would be great if you can be specific as to what type of computer problems you can solve.

Third, re-model your gigs to make them look attractive and professional. Have a great gig gallery and also make sure to add the two PDFs. You need to market yourself as much as possible.

Now, how to get visibility?
The best way is using social media. Join Facebook groups aligning with your services and promote your gigs and services there. Your gig will automatically start to improve its health once its starts receiving the traffic.

There are specific threads on how to promote your gigs, so I will cut it short here and will not explain all of that again.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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I honestly think that you are a great example, already ‘just’ for not using someone else´s photograph!
And even more for for getting one made on top.

If one is good with that kind of things, of course it´s great to do it oneself, but if not, better not. A text I recently translated had something like…just a thought-out example:
You´re a master smith, great, concentrate on smithing your masterworks for your customers, but leave the advertising to pros for advertising.
Which is a very good thought (unless the master smith happens to be a natural talent in advertising, logo creation and such as well, just so nobody takes offense, there are people who can do several things well or well enough of course).

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Hah yeah, I saw someone with Ryan Gosling the other day. However, you see some of these gigs do quite well, it baffles me.

And thank you for the compliment. I had a friend do the logo for me, but the video i just ended up doing by myself to save some money. If you keep it simple, it’s usually quite affective.

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