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How can i increase my response Rate?


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That rate refers to the number of first emails from a buyer you respond to in 24 hours, over the course of the 30 days - so I understand. My only guess is that you must have missed one somewhere…

Mine dropped once because of one regular buyer and happy customer who had never actually written to me before, just placed regular orders. He placed a new 7-day order, then emailed me an additional file which I wasn’t scheduled to need until I did his job in 3 days time. I didn’t open the file or reply to his email immediately, as we both knew I had what I needed. As a result, my response rate dropped down from 100% as the system assumed I hadn’t responded to a first contact.

Perhaps something similar happened to you?

Good news is that after 30 days it will go up to 100% as long as you’re still replying to new customers in 24 hours. It was embarrassing for me to see my off-perfect score for 30 days but now it’s back to normal again 🙂

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