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Hello! I'm a little late to the party, but better late than never!

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Hi all!

I’m Kamron, I’m a software dev from Michigan.

My gig is providing business lists to people who need targeted business leads in any location in the world (except China).

I’ve already reached level 1 status, and am now realizing there’s a number of people here who could use some advice on breaking that barrier. I like helping, so looks like I found a new output for that.

I’ve read from others that people can actually make sales from participating in these forums, is that true?

I’m currently trying to get to level 2 status, so any/all tips on that would also be appreciated.

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Hello Kamron

I’m a new seller on fiverr (just publish my first gig a week ago) and don’t have any level yet. But to be honest its very less chances to make sales from this fiverr forum, because its for communicate with other sellers to share your problem, idea, and tips.

If you want sales then you need to do social media promotion to targeted people and you can also make a blog or website for your fiverr services and do the SEO & PPC to your blog/website for referring traffic to your fiverr gigs. (example: http://CuteVamp.com Its my website for referring traffic to my fiverr gigs).



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