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No Orders, New Seller


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Hi guys,

Just started an account on Fiverr. I have experience with gigs, but notonline experience. I don’t have any reviews since I just started doing this online. I don’t know what I am doing wrong in terms of content. If anyone can critique me, I would greatly appreciate it. Any tips from experienced sellers would be great. Thanks.

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Here are some valuable tips for you.
Before you do anything else, read the Forum Rules until you understand them.
Next, go to the Fiverr Academy and study everything there.
When you have done these, go to the Tips for Sellers section of the Forum. Read all of the posts in the pinned section at the top.
If you have questions then ask the questions in the comment section of the post which raised the question or go to the Improve my Gig or Conversation sections and ask there.
If, on the other hand, you do not want to do these things and want someone to teach you how to use Fiverr then you should place an order with someone who offers this service. People are happy to help you with questions you might have but first you should study the material which is already available – if you are too lazy to do that then you should pay someone else to make up for your laziness.

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First step is getting orders, and getting reviews.

I’ve heard of people trading reviews, there are groups elsewhere on the interwebs for such things at least. When searching for fiverr related groups on facebook, I was bombarded with groups designed for this exactly.

Also, offer some kind of incentive to your viewers to buy. Say that you will give away all of your gig extras to your first 10 customers or something like that (this is actually what I did personally). Are you getting any views/impressions for your gigs?

Also, another thing I did: Go through and respond to the buyer requests! This is exactly how I got my first few orders/reviews. It worked perfectly for me.

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I appreciate your comments except for the inaccurate assumptions you have made about my so called “laziness”. I realize that you had success on Fiverr. Congratulations! There is no need to be rude to new sellers. I have read the Forum rules and Fiverr Academy. Although it does tell you to market yourself, it is difficult to do that when you’re not consistently on social media. As far as my “laziness” goes, I am a part time MCAT tutor who is also getting her Master’s degree in a notorious university. You told me to place order with someone for atleast $5 to get orders. How is this significantly different from kamronkennedy suggested that you felt the need to report him? I think that someone needs to just chill. There’s more to life than this site. And I hope you find what you’re looking for. Best of luck.

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I think perhaps, it is you who needs to chill a little bit.
The comment I made is my standard response for the many HUNDREDS of new sellers who incorrectly write a post in the tips for sellers section of the Forum asking for help when all the help that is needed is already available to them - if they look.
My advice is simple - read the many, many tips that are available to you. If you prefer not to do that (I suggest laziness as a reason one may prefer not to do that as it is very common) then you should pay someone to help you and not expect personalized help for free when everyone here is in the same boat.
Suggesting people should buy reviews is bad advice as following it could lead to you being banned. I suggest that you hire someone to TEACH YOU how to use Fiverr which is completely different and will not lead to being banned.
Sellers giving tips which will lead to people getting banned does annoy me though, perhaps I shouldn’t intervene and instead let people follow that advice.

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Hello Patricia and welcome to fiverr.

You really think paying someone to help you make your gigs more effective or teach you about how fiverr works is the same as buying fake reviews for your gigs? Just curious, because to me that´s worlds apart.

Anyway, I´m only here since October too, but maybe this helps:
Make sure you pick the best possible tags for your gigs,and use all 5 you get, and make sure your gig is in the right category, so you can be found. Use the relevant search terms for your gigs in all the fields you can use them in.
Look at Buyers Request very often, your chance to pick up a request as a new buyer are higher, if you react quickly, some people get lots of offers, and I can´t imagine they all bother reading them all, after a certain number.
Do very good work and deliver fast, better overdeliver and faster than your offer said, then your buyer won´t have any reason to give you anything less than a stellar rating, and once you have a few ratings, it will be easier.
Finally, there´s lots of good info in the Academy and on the forum of course, and certainly it´s good to read it, and try out, what applies to oneself, but honestly I think it all comes down to being attentive, to being fast, to doing good work.

Best of luck!

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Why are you limiting yourself to marketing in only social media? Social media is only ONE place that you could share your gig links. But, then again, just plastering social media with your gig links really isn’t marketing either. It’s just sharing links.

Good marketing is researching and understanding your target customers, going where those potential customers are located, and promoting your services effectively – and in a way that intrigues those potential customers and encourages them to purchase your services.

Effective marketing is never about shouting to the world, and hoping someone hears you. It is, rather, about building relationships, and being seen as having something valuable that others NEED.

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Again, assumptions are made quite quickly on this site. Has it ever occurred that one can exchange reviews or do work for free to build your portfolio without resorting to fake reviews?
The fact that eonfinnegan insinuates that most newcomers don’t check out the forum due to laziness is invalid and unsound. He has no basis for his claim except for messaging a few people. That’s what gets me. The rest of the advice is useful.

Anyways, I’ve hired someone to “teach” me how to use this site, since I’m so inept at it. Let’s see if this individual has a better outcome than I do. Looking forward to it.

I’m the type of person who likes to learn on my own. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If I can teach myself biochemistry, I believe with a significant amount of effort I can manage to do anything else practical.

Thanks for your advice.

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Any exchange of reviews is against the rules.
My claim that many newcomers don’t check out the forum due to laziness comes from a year of seeing posts by new sellers in the wrong section asking for basic help, all of which has already been written about repeatedly by experienced sellers.
The belief that it is mainly laziness comes from the lack of other possibilities.

Also, I appreciate that you are proud of your academic achievements (and you should be) and so you keep mentioning them but the reality is that one 5 star review is worth more on Fiverr than a thousand claims about a vast education. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify anyone’s claims about academic achievement. The site is full of people claiming more academic prowess than Stephen Hawking so it makes it pointless to mention them.

Glad to hear you took my advice though.
Good luck!

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One thing you can do is tell your friends about it.
I’m assuming some of your friends ( or their friends) would want a
nice resume letter. Now if they are your friends they might expect you to do it for free, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t make your friend work for free. Start telling your friends about your gig and ask them to spread the word.

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I concede with your statement that there is no way to verify anyone’s claims about academic achievement.

Just as there is no way to verify whether or not you resorted to any unethical means as a businessman to achieve your credentials. How do I know anything you claim to be true is true? You could be lying. I do not know for certain.

I was going to do that regardless if I couldn’t figure it out on my own. Your advice was not advice but rather a rhetorical statement, that most people would have done whether or not you posted in this forum.

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My reviews back up my claims, although of course, I could actually have paid over $1500 to get them all - I guess we will never know…
My advice was genuine, although granted it was written from a place of frustration with the numerous new seller posts asking for help.
My good luck wishes were also genuine.
Well done for actually investing in your future on Fiverr, so many people just make a profile and expect Fiverr to spoon feed them clients. With your initiative, I imagine you will be more successful here than most.

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It was a question, not an assumption, as there is the possibility of buying fake reviews on here for everything under the sun.

Another tip is, try to not get huffy so fast, that´s a tip for any forum I´ve ever been to too, if you go about it like this: “…since I´m so inept at it”, you won´t have much fun on any forum. I didn´t say anything about you being inept, by the way, and I didn´t even not only not say it, but don´t think it either. Anyway, chances of people giving you the advice you ask them for, are much higher, if you’re not getting insulted so fast. That´s an honest advice, not to retort to your reply to my comment. 🙂

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@pratriciaexists Pratricia, let me re-Welcome you to Fiverr… again! 🙂

Let us forget the bicker-banter above and let me present you with some basic tips.

  1. Utilize “Buyer’s Requests” to rake in your initial sales.
    (Hover over your id on top right hand corner> Click “Selling” > Click “Buyer’s requests”.

  2. Use Private/Incognito browser to search for your gigs on Fiverr, so you know what keywords to utilize to be added to your gigs.

  3. Another key to success would be to view Successful sellers’ gigs on your category.
    Notice how they word their gig description, pricing structure, delivery time etc.

I wrote a Sellers Instructional, if you care you can review this as well (all points may not pertain to you):
favicon.icoFiverr Forum http://forum.fiverr.com//images/default-apple-touch-icon.png

Sell me this Pen... A seller's Instructionals (From a techie's POV)

It is common knowledge that technical professionals seldom lack the ability to communicate proficiently unlike other professionals such as businessmen, lawyers etc. On the other hand our brain works super efficiently (a biased opinion of course!),...

Reading time: 3 mins ? Likes: 3 ❤


  • DJ

Go LongHorns btw!!! 😃

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Thank you for asking. I believe that we as an experienced seller should not criticize the new sellers asking for help. If some one can’t help then this forum is not for just criticism. I am happy that many of experienced sellers shared some beautiful and authentic tips. I will also add my experience with you.

In order to succeed on fiverr, the most important thing is to get orders on your gig automatically. For this purpose, you need to set up your gig very carefully. Consider each information you put in your gig including gig title, Category, tags, description, pricing structure, images, videos, FAQ etc. In order to understand the effective use of these terms, you need to research the successful sellers in your category and see how they are using all the information in their gig. In this way, you will learn that what is the purpose and advantage of all the information.

After that research, do come up with your own gig with your own gig title, description, proper category selection and sub category selection, gig tags, FAQ and pricing model. In terms of pricing I would suggest you to set your price according to market rates.

After setting up the gig, you should make your habit to send 10 proposal to buyer request on daily basis. It will bring you the opportunity to have sale of your service. Make sure to provide quality service as well as quality product. I hope you will get success eventually after some hard work. Consistency and hard work will be required in order to maintain your success at fiverr. I hope it will help you. Thanks

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