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How to increase revenue using extra trick?


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As with all marketing, consider any of these points:

  1. Offer something DIFFERENT than your competition. Lots of sellers offer “animated whiteboard” gigs. Yours might be just as good as the others - or even better - but you are still sharing the pool of potential customers for that service with all those other sellers. So keep selling those, but what else can you do well? (Art? Something uniquely Indonesian? Languages?)

  2. Offer something BETTER than your competition. Can you use more colors? More lines? Background art? Different/better music choices? Even if you charge more (trough selling multiple gigs now,or gig extrats when you level up) you will still get BETTER customers, as long as they can see how much more they get for paying you a little more.

  3. Think like your customer. What is it that THEY might want to buy from you that you could do, and that other sellers are not currently offering? If you can come up with a gig for that, then you have NO direct competition. (Maybe even tie whiteboards to special events and holidays, like customized kid’s birthday greetings for parents to purchase for each kid, or whatever…)
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