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What to do when sellers don't respond?


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The latter seems weird, why wouldn´t they finish the order if it was good and mostly done. Maybe they got sick or had an accident and have no wifi access, you can´t get wifi in all hospitals. But apart from nudging them a few times, I have no idea what to do either. I´d wait a bit and then, well, give the job to someone else I guess, if I need to get it done either way.
Sorry for you double serving of bad luck. Must mean you´ll get doubly happy next time though!

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How would it even be possible that the seller doesn’t let you close the order he delivered? When the seller delivered he would have to physically hold you back from you computer to prevent you from closing the order. If he didn’t deliver and refuses to do so he will run out of time and be late on delivery.

Your situation isn’t clear from what I read in your post.

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The order originally delivered wasn’t correct. I requested a revision and they delivered the revision directly through email and not through fiverr. I accepted the revision and told them I was happy with it, but according to fiverr, the order is still under revision. Thus, I can’t close it. Could I file for a refund?

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You and your seller violating the ToS of Fiverr big time here. A TINY detail you left out in your original story.

The seller has to deliver via Fiverr otherwise you cannot close the order indeed and if the seller denies delivering via Fiverr he will run out of time.

I assume you also have paid him outside of Fiverr. Both of you face consequences for this. The seller can loose his ratings and/or account.

But you know what, you both made a mess of it by violating the ToS and it’s quite ridiculous that you ask in the forum for advice how to solve it.

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Too many blank spots in the story.

RE : One seller won’t close the order because they don’t want less than 5 stars.

Well, how will he get paid if he does not close the order? how do you know what kind of starts you are going to give him if he has not delivered yet? how does he know what kind of starts you are going to give him if he has not delivered?

RE : One seller hasn’t responded even though I love the order! They just haven’t finished it.

How did you love the order it the seller has not finished it? And what do you want the seller to respond to? have you actually sent him a message appreciating all the good work he has not delivered yet? What am I missing here?

RE : What good is the dispute if there is no resolution?

Dispute resolution is for innocent people who are victims of fraud, not for people who try to game the system. You cannot claim to be entitled to the perks of the system if you are operating outside the system.

So, yeah, I think you might have just indicted yourself.


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First you violated Fiverr TOS by dealing outside of Fiverr. This is absolutely not acceptable.


  1. If the seller thinks that you didn’t liked the delivery and will give a low rating then, if he is not delivering your order then you do not have to worry about anything. Because: a) Seller will run out of time, and then you have the chance to cancel the order by yourselves. Right now if the delivery time is not over that ‘Cancel’ button would not be visible to you and it will appear only after the delivery time is over. And this is no ‘Mutual Cancellation’, it will directly cancel the order and will not wait fro the Seller to accept your cancellation. So the ball is in your court.

  2. If the seller has done a good job and still not delivering the order, then probably he is busy with his life (lets not hope that he/she is hospitalised ;)). He might have a new girl in his life, got a high paying job, went on a ‘sponsored’ World Tour, boozed out, lights off. PERIOD.
    In this case too, the ball is in your court. He will deliver it some day later (Lets hope).

But the problem comes when you want the delivery on an urgent basis. If so, you can hire someone else for the job. But if the second (good delivery) seller delivers your job, then you might have to hear for your conscious self and accept/reject the delivery.

Hope you munch got a satisfactory solution munch munch munch.
(Having Popcorn munch)


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I had somewhat similar experience as @disneynerdcraig (2nd scenario), so I figured that I’ll share my story.

In a nutshell, I ordered a logo and the seller delivered it in PNG format to check if I’m happy with the result. I said yes and he confirmed that I will get my source files once I mark the order as delivered. Usually, I wouldn’t do that, but I understand that he wanted to protect his source files because once you hand those over you can’t get them back. Maybe he had a bad experience with buyers who took his source files, then canceled their order and walked away with free a logo. It wasn’t a big leap of faith either, because in order to create that PNG file he had to have the source files. It was probably 5 min task to upload files to Fiverr.

Fine, I confirmed the order, but then he disappeared. I saw that he was online, but he didn’t respond to any of my messages. Three days later my patience ran out and I went to customer service. Today he sent me my source files and apologized that he had too many orders in the queue. When I hired him he had less than 20 and today he had over 60. So apparently he had some kind of volume spike.

All in all, I’m happy with the logo, but to be honest, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I shouldn’t be begging for my files just because you are not good at time management. If you have too many orders then put your gig on pause and send me a message. Hiding from your buyers is not a solution. If he would have responded to me and given me some kind of ETA then I wouldn’t have involved CS.

My tip to buyers is that if you can’t get hold of your seller then contact CS and recommendation to sellers is that don’t hide from your buyers. If you get high volumes then tell this to your buyers and set the right expectations so that they don’t have to chase you through CS.

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