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Website Action Plan needed for SEO


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Hello I’m going to set up menu names (navigation like Home page , Courses , who we are , testimonials etc ) . Pages names etc on wordpress website.

What I need is ( Basically action plan )

  1. Some intelligent guy who can help us research best keywords. We will provide competitors link. Don’t have our website ready so can’t provide link.

  2. Need suggestions for pages names titles

  3. How we can set up and interlink website pages to get best seo results.

Everything which can be done to keep website layout good for SEO.
Also please guide me on this.


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Skatol Sumit

I think you post this topic on wrong place. This category is for New user Intros not for help in website promotion. Post your question on right category and you will get faster and right response.

Anyway, Best of luck for your website



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