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To add Watermark feature in INBOX sending Files too


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It’s Great no doubt. Watermark feature helps protect our work from being used without our permission.
Fiverr Watermark should also activate for the INBOX sending Files too. Although the sending files are in low res format but sometimes Buyer didn’t want to get a high res file format. As I face in recently completed order. Buyer requires a Project for a radio promo campaign. I send him file in actual size & in 80 dpi of res. The order due date was in 2 day. I completed this in time. Now still the Buyer didn’t mark the order as complete.
Maybe he downloads the draft file from Inbox which was sent him for approval. Therefore I request to add the watermark feature here too.
Is it Possible?
Waiting for your opinion.

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I guess it’s possible, but your order will be marked as complete automatically. If he requests a revision and nothing can “satisfy” him, then I’d be suspicious. If he cancels the order, then it’s even more suspicious in that case.

I’d start adding personal watermarks to work, especially if you’re sending them in the inbox beforehand. It’ll keep the suspicion and room for betrayal away in the long run.

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