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Honest Question: why is this gig over mine?


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First of all, i want to start by saying this is not a rant nor a complain. I honestly want to understand how Fiverr listings works to improve my own gigs.

This is the case, i have a gig on the spanish version of the site under:

writing & translation > Articles & Blog posts

My gig was on first place for a couple months but then it got relegated to second spot, even if my gig seems to be better suited for showing up first in almost all ways i can think of:

It has more positive ratings: 439 vs 345
My profile has overall better ratings: 694 vs 550
My profile as a higher positive rating: 99% vs 95%
My gig has packages, the other does not
My gig has a personalized gig picture, the other doesnt
My gig has Frequently Asked Questions, the other doesnt
My gig has more favorite tags: 192 vs 167
My gig description seems to be a lot better structured
mine: https://es.fiverr.com/jmvzla/redactar-un-interesante-articulo-de-500-palabras?funnel=b516c4ae-a9b1-46f3-98ae-d58f5d924195
His in the other hand is just a plain body of text with barely any keyword related to the service.
We are both lvl 2 sellers.
I have been on fiverr longer than the other user.
He has a longer response time: 8 hours vs 3 hours

The only things i can see a diference (not sure if an advantage in this regards) he seems to have a lot more gigs avaliable (most of them under 10 positive ratings or no rating at all): 7 gigs vs 17

So my question is, what steps should i take to reclaim the top spot on the listings? I mean no offense nor disrespect, i just want to try and figure out whats going on and try to fix it if its even possible.

Thanks in advance.

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The only things that I can think of is the internal review that buyers make once the purchase is done. Buyers are able to create a private review that Fiverr looks over and changes your rank accordingly. If you had a skirmish with a few buyers, even if they gave you good reviews publicly, they can still complain in those private reviews.

Another determining factor that I can think of is keyword density, description quality, and even image quality.

Anyway, not all of Fiverr’s algorithm is known to us. I’ve even seen plenty of people say that Level 2 sellers are ranked lower because of our tendency to get more traffic. (But that wouldn’t make sense, as you’re both Level 2 sellers!) Overall, I believe that multiple factors play into your lower ranking, and a few other sellers may be able to point out some things that I missed.

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Hi, thanks for your response.

Could you elaborate a bit more about these “private reviews.”? im not well informed about them.

And in any case, i feel i have a great understanding with my clients. To be honest i have had close to zero “issues” with clients but of course, theres no way for me to be 100% sure about it.

And about: Another keyword density, description quality, and even image quality, i honestly think my gig is better suited in those cases.

thanks a lot.

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It always amuses me how people waste time analyzing metrics like this instead of their own business. Who knows what youre missing and who cares? Just be happy you’re featured on it. You do realize that they change the order every so often to switch stuff up, right?

And before you drivel on about how I wouldn’t understand because I’m burp burp burp burp, I do, I just don’t care. My gigs are constantly moving around. So long as I get orders and requests, I don’t really care. I certainly wouldn’t analyze a competitor down to this level. It’s a waste of time that you could use to improve your gigs, socialize or do something more interesting.

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Trying to understand Fiverr and how it works is like trying to unravel a bowl of spaghetti bolognese in such a way that you can separate the sauce, spaghetti and mince all back into its separate packaging. you will never succeed and only suffer insurmountable stress in the process,

Don’t try, just experiment with different cooking methods.

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