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Getting your gigs out onto YouTube


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This post is a cross between friendly advice and also a little bit of promotion of two of my own gigs.

Anyway, as everyone knows, each time you make a gig on Fiverr that you’re then prompted to make a short video about it. A lot of people end up doing this. However, what a lot of people don’t do is follow up their gig promotion by making a slightly longer video and posting it onto YouTube.

The benefit of putting it onto YouTube is that depending on your keyword, you can rank extremely high in the search engines for said keyword. I.e. you provide a video testimonial in a Texan accent. A lot of people are more likely to check out a video on YouTube than going through to Fiverr and watching such a short video.

Another great reason for using YouTube is that it’s pagerank on Google is 10 (the highest you can get). By making a video and putting it on YT and then placing your Fiverr gig link in the description, you’re immediately a PR 10 backlink from a highly reputable site.

Of course, when it comes to ranking your YT video, this can take a while and depends on numerous factors. A lot of people know that real views are crucial to building up the ranking of your video. However, an area where people continue to falter is the use of favorites. By employing both though, it can help to raise the ranking of your video so when people search for your term, they can see your video!

Finally, by adding the video to YT you can place adverts on it and earn a recurring revenue when people watch it along with getting even more money when people buy your gig!

Now, for the shameless self promotion part. There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr that offer a bucketload of views for $5. However, as the old adage goes; if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Granted, the views may stick for a few months, but when YT does an update of their view counts and Google does a crawl of their pages then they can pick up that you’ve used fake views. This in turn results in you losing the views that you’ve paid for, as well as the ranking of the video and therefore one of the best possible backlinks you could have hoped for.

However, I offer both a real views service and also a real favorites service. After doing a search on Fiverr, the views and favorites I offer are a lot less compared to others, but that’s because I can guarantee that mine are real.

These services are: http://fiverr.com/solvemymaze/give-you-500-youtube-views (it’s now 1,000 views for the base package) and also http://fiverr.com/solvemymaze/add-10-youtube-favorites-to-your-video (it’s now 40 favorites for the base package). Also note my delivery times, which again shows that my services are real since you’re not getting a burst of fake traffic within a day. For both gigs, I’ve had a lot of private buyers who wish to remain anonymous since they act as a reseller to other people, again showing the quality of my work.

Whether you purchase my gigs or not, I really hope this information has been helpful to you and your business ventures.

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