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Unprofessional experience with a top seller


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Hi everyone,

I recently placed my first Fiverr order with one of the top Fiverr seller in Resume Writing section. His name is ******, user name is *******.

After read many 5 star reviews about him, I decided to choose to go with his Premium package service, however the deliverable was really disappointing. He was 3 days late after delivery deadline, also the resume writing quality was very poor. I’ve requested for revisions, sadly the revisions were in very poor quality too. He even manage to mixed up my Linkedin profile summary with someone else’s in the revision. Can clearly see his using the exact same format for everyone’s resume. He seems way too busy, you can see he has many order in queues.

I’m posting this is to aware anyone who’s considering choose his service. He asked me twice in private message he will offer extra service for me, if I don’t leave him a bad review. When I request for refund after losing trust in him, he ask me to put in writing I will not give him bad reviews anywhere else in the first message, then he messaged again with very irrational message.

This is really scary. I really want to know how did he managed to get these many positive reviews. Is this how it works on Fiverr, Seller can request Buyer to not give them negative review?

I do still believe there are more professional freelancer here on Fiverr, rather than someone greedy like *******. This is a free market place where we share honesty, professional service and skills.

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Sorry about the unfortunate experience Lucy. From all you’ve related here, one could make out that the top-rated seller was saturated with orders - to the point that he was falling behind with deliveries and mixing things up. That the seller had long queues is evidence of his outstanding gig qualities and exceptional services.
Yes, negative reviews hurt and any seller in that kind of fix would negotiate away from any likely negative review.
Perhaps when next you spot long queues with a seller, you should move on to some other seller - with convincing work samples and reasonable reviews. Sellers ascending the ladder would most likely do everything to please any buyer so as to get the much needed positive reviews. Hope this helps.

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Hi Lucy. Sorry for your experience, and good that you don´t blame fiverr or all sellers as a whole. The other two already had useful comments, I just wanted to add that it isn´t allowed to put sellers’, or buyers’, names in posts like this here on the forum.
If the seller harasses you in a bad manner about a review, you should contact Customer Support (clickable link), but of course it´s often best to try and clear things amongst each other.
Wish you great luck next time! 🙂

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