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This post is really to reiterate how easily one can face disciplinary actions after creating a Fiverr account by underestimating how important one’s own actions are.

As a new user:

  1. Entering the forum without a single sale, with a post giving advice - Will cause you to be mercilessly crucified by experienced sellers and buyers alike. This may not only damage your little feelings and forum image, but may cause you to receive limited help when you actually need it in the future from forum folk.

  2. If you are new, but on the buying end - engaging a seller asking for personal contacts and refusing to discuss work on the platform may result in us sellers trying to respond to you, only to see “This page is no longer available.”
    - NB - This may also hurt your little feelings and we sellers may actually be grateful, assuming the Fiverr admins got rid of another spammer before we could report them.

As a buyer or seller - While things may not go our way every time, we may want to still remember to be professional in our dialogue.

Sellers - Unrealistically raising prices or Missing countless deadlines - will affect sales and your delivery rate respectively.

Buyers - Some sellers having higher prices for a similar product doesn’t mean their pricing is unrealistic - This may actually be a hint that there is something that you yourself are missing (Quality / Turnaround time).
The consequence here is that you may run to the more pricey seller after getting a bad job for being cheap the first time.


  • Before you assume, learn the facts.
  • Before you judge, understand why.
  • Before you speak, think.


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