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Thoughts on the V2 from a sellers perspective


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First of all - congratulations on releasing the fiverr v2. There are improvements however there are many things that could be improved.

Here is my critique:

The design looks… I don’t know how to call it … “Gigantic” … - my header image has been stretched and it looks ugly. Of course there are graphic artists on this website who can create beautiful header of any size and for them it is important to show their skills however the SEO stuff that I do has nothing to do with graphic design so the big stretched picture that the visitors will see when they visit my gig will be absolutely useless. Most likely I will end up taking my old header image, open up paint and crate an area which would be equal to the size of the new header size and put my old header image in the center. As a result a lot of space will be wasted without the visitor of my gig page seeing anything important. Maybe you could stick to the old header size and create a gallery and when you open the gallery the pictures would be shown at full size.

Also now I have to scroll down miles until i can see the reviews and bellow that there is one highlighted feedback with font size 97px … it’s useless, get rid of it please. I like that now you can choose to see negative feedbacks separately however feedback’s take up so much space for no reason - it’s not like those user pictures are so interesting.

Similar problems are with the order pages. Why would i need to see such a big counter showing me how many days hours minutes and even seconds are left until the deadline. Also I don’t need to see my “information to get started” - that is for the buyer. In the old version that part was expandable in case I needed to read it. Also - further bellow:


The order countdown is now ticking …

Don’t waste your time reading this message …” and a picture of a scooter.

It is waste of space… get rid of it please. The reason why I don’t like these design changes is that If you get many orders per day then it can really eat up you time with all of this scrolling going on. Also I doubt that the buyers will like it because there are many gigs and they will have to scroll much more to get the same information that they previously could have gotten quicker.

I like the idea of the to do list however it needs much more filters. It looks pretty buggy - i see information from old gigs.

However “HIDE RATE BUYERS TODOS” and “HIDE RATE SELLERS TODOS” should be on by default. I also don’t need these messages “You need to deliver your order” - I see that at the manage orders section. Notifications about inbox messages should appear like in the old version. For example in the to do list I would only want to see when someone has submitted feedback or updated order – that would be perfect and with an ability to check off notifications that you have seen.

And for the my gigs section - it would be nice if i could also see information such as CTR - click through rate.

Analytic - it would be useful if i could see how these stats have changed over time an it would be extremely useful if i could see stats and diagrams for a gig in a selected time period. For example I want to see how many “Build 1500+ dofollow blog comments backlinks” gigs I have sold from 10th may to 25th may or see how many visits a gig has received in a selected time period. Basically - think “Google Analytics” for fiverr orders.

Okay now here is one thing that I really don’t like in the new version and it makes doing bookkeeping harder. In the old version I could browse through the “revenues” tab and count how many orders I received for each gig in a month. However now all i see is “Revenue for Order Completion (view order)” and no gig name. And the completed orders list isn’t good for this because it shows the due date not the time when gig was created. The best solution for this would be to make it possible to export order id with the according date, gig name, quantity.

Yes there are some great features in the new version however there is still a lot to improve or change. And as for the design – I just don’t like the new one and I think that all the functionality could be implemented in the old design. And even if you keep the new design please do something about it and make it more minimalistic and not as “BIG”.

I hope that my words will be heard!



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