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If i Sign Up in a new e-mail ,is this can give me a new 7 gigs on Fiverr?


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This is not recommended. You have made a handful of gigs but have yet to receive a handful of sales. It’s not about how many gigs you make, but how effective each gig is. Additionally, Fiverr only recommends one account per seller; otherwise, you may risk having them all disabled. You must invest in your already existing gigs, as there are sellers who have 1 gig with over 1000 sales.

Your existing gig images don’t say much about your gig, which would not incline any buyer to click and order. You need to adjust some of the gig pictures to explicitly say what you offer (which should be competitive with your competitors), without them having to open the gig to review the details. That way, they can know if you’re for them while just scrolling through the categories.

Furthermore, please ensure to read the Terms of Fiverr before doing business or getting involved heavily in the forums.


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if you have two accounts then your time and mind will be divided between those two accounts so it’s not good for business. only one account is best for a seller don’t give up send best offers at the recent requests of buyers ( go to SELLING and click Buyer Requests). always offer your the services in which you are expert. try to give some bonus may attract some buyers. and keep your response rate high. keep in mind one thing … FIVERR … that buyer want to avail your services in only $5.
… and please share your gig links at social networks and groups like Facebook twitter to get more visitors.

i hope it will work for you, dear one account is enough for one seller.

with best wishes!!!

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