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Hi Experts I need your help .

I am a website developer. So When I fix or solve any issues , I need websites login . Without login details its not possible to work .

But Fiverrs TOS says that its prohibited getting email address.

Website Username usually is an Email address. If you know about Website making or fixing , What do you do ? What is your suggestions.

What i supposed to do . I asked CS, but they miss understand me. They thought I wanted to communicate outside of fiverr that is totally incorrect .

I never wanted to talk or contact outside of Fiverr. I am in Danger I think.

I need your valuable suggestions.


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but most of the time clients gave me login in inbox. Because before order, they need to check , am I able to do or not.

So , In this matter what I supposed to do ?

And most of the time in order page, I am not able to see any login . fiverr blocked.
I asked CS. They suggest me, why I am doing this types of job where I need login . So they suggest me not to do this types of jobs.

So … I really dont know what to say

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If you dont receive anything, ask for a screenshot or a text file of the logins… and sometimes customer support copy paste from the terms of service… So dig more, they will help you with these things.
And try not to get the details in the inbox… i am still a lvl1 due to a warning that i got few months back 🙂

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