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How long did it take you to become a level 2 seller?


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It took me not quite two months. I started selling at the tail end of August, and became a level 2 seller last week.

I’m a writer, and my strategy was to provide good customer service and offer slightly more words than other sellers in the same categories at the same price with a fast turnaround time. I’ve raised my prices since I started, as I began to get more reviews and repeat buyers.

I also responded to as many Buyer’s Requests as possible (with carefully written, customized offers), and created gigs in as many different sub categories as is reasonable in order to see more Buyer’s Requests and see what sorts of things people are asking for.

Although it might be frustrating to hear it again and again, the strategy is pretty straightforward. Follow the suggestions in Fiverr Academy, provide quality work, have good customer service, don’t worry about your search results ranking, etc.

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