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Is it possible to merge two gigs and keep all the reviews?


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Hi Fiverr sellers,

When I started on Fiverr, I created seven gigs just to experiment and see what ones did well and what ones didn’t.

I have two gigs that are exactly the same, (they even appear under the same categories), but with different tags – I was curious to see which one would do better.

Now, as I clean up my Fiverr profile, fine tune my areas of expertise and remove some of my less successful gigs, I’d like to merge the gigs that are exactly the same and keep the reviews that went with them.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I’ve searched on the Fiverr Forum and haven’t found anything written about this topic, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who’s run into this hurdle. If anyone has any insight as to the best way forward, I’d be keen to hear.


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Hi Cherry,
The short of the long is NO. It is NOT possible to merge gigs and reviews.

You CAN remove the gig, and the review WOULD remain, but only on your main profile. But as you may have noticed, the main profile page only displays a certain number of reviews. Once those are overwritten, the older reviews will NO LONGER be visible.

Hope I was able to shed some light.

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