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Need Help from TRS & Experienced sellers?


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Everyone I hope everything is going well.

I’m level two seller and working on Fiverr from last one year. but I’m still struggling to get orders.

I creating daily two gigs in the graphic designing category and in different subcategory like / Logo / business card / letterhead / stationary / t-shirt etc.

I sharing my profile on different social media groups and pages like twitter / facebook or google plus.

My logo design gig is page 26 and t-shirt design gig on page 3.

I need some useful tips from experienced sellers.

Asad Zia

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You’re in a saturated market with an extraordinarily high amount of distrust surrounding all logo sellers and especially sellers from Pakistan. - Sorry, that’s the way it is.

If I were you, I’d scrap every logo gig you have never had an order or received a review for. Delete them. End of. Then add videos to the gigs which you have made sales on and the next time you are creating gigs, target a different category completely. Give up on creating new logo gigs and instead offer something different.

What your new gigs will offer will be up to you. The important thing to remember is that when you launch a new gig, Fiverr will bump it up to the top of search results for a while. In this case, don’t launch until you have a killer video, a genuinely enticing gig description, and at least one or two unique selling points.

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I agree…you are in a saturated market with logo gigs. Ensure your gig description is clean, and you have a video. Research some gigs you may want to get into and see what common pricing and tags are. You may want to start offering a little more for less and dial it back when you get sales.

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For such a competitive category, one would suggest your best bet is to stay visible. Try to stay online 24/7 (using page refreshers or even the Fiverr App if you can’t be at the desk all day). This will help to maintain your “Online” status throughout 24 Hours so that when the US market goes to bed (midnight), the UK market will start seeing you online (6 AM UK time, while it’s midnight US time).

Based on your profile, you are already established with over 600 reviews; thus your work is already proven to be excellent. Your goal now is to remain visible to cop those buyers who come online only looking for “Online Sellers” so they can place the order immediately.

Good Luck.

Kind Regards,

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