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Before you buy any type of advertising or marketing service make sure your content is good!


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I noticed a lot of my buyers have a similar issue, regardless of what their product is or what type of advertising they elect to use. They are not formatting their sales pitch, call to action, video content, etc properly. I had a customer who had what was in my opinion a brilliant social media start-up (believe me I don’t throw that word around very often), but the content he sent me for the promotion made it sound like a get rich quick scheme, which it really wasn’t.

Having 50 creative flyers with a catchy message passed out for your business is better than 1,000 flyers that have a picture of an iphone on them and say “Get this for FREE if you visit my website”. No one will buy in to that.

So moral of the story is before you spend money on advertising, spend money on developing your sales pitch, value added, call to action, etc. Even if you know how to write, it’s often best to get an outside party to do this type of work. Keep in mind, what may seem like common sense to you because you know your business like the back of your hand, to an average consumer may not make sense.

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