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Samples: the bitter-sweet returns (Third attempt)


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So the last time I tried to send out this post , i got an error and the second time , there was an accidental press of the enter button

So here we go.

Don’t be afraid to send out your samples guys or to create one on the spot for a client that might not be looking for what you already have on the gig portfolio. It’s natural to be suspicious of clients that are trying to get a freebie. But the problem is you never know who is the real client and who is the freeloader. Sorry to be the rain cloud here, but that’s going to happen in business. I personally have gone through a couple of these occurrences but samples should be seen as a win-win instead of a double edge sword.


Well, think about the reasons for having samples in the first place… They are there to show case your talents, verifying that you can do what your gig says that you can. Even if you send out your samples (create one based on request) and the client skip off with it into the sunset, Don’t be mad about it.

Why should you be upset when you just got another proof to add to your portfolio? Plus samples are recyclable, so you just saved yourself some time in the future. In my case,as a ghostwriter, I watermark my samples and send them in a pdf format. I may never hear from the client again but I can add it to my social profile specific to my fiverr gigs or website and more people will see what I can do= more sales.

Sometimes , you have to let go to gain more.

Ghost Writing Specialist

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