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My Strategy to get more orders


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Up to about a month ago, my sales were pretty decent. I would wake up seeing 2-3 sales in the morning. Now? it has slowed down and that is because Fiverr is growing and there are possibly more competition on this net.

I am pretty much impatient when I don’t get my goal sales - so here is what I have tried.

  1. Look around other people’s gig and their offer.
    It sucks but if you want to survive - you will have to see what other people are offering in the same gig catagory yours is in - then figure out if you will offer the same or even more.

  2. Video, video, video.
    Since I uploaded a video - well I have tried in the past to upload a full video of myself in front of the camera(this is probably the best option) but I am still a bit nervous so I used my voice and some image to cover my video. The impression of my gig with the video went back up up to 2k in a week.

  3. Bargain, bargain, bargain.
    Sometimes you will have to do some extra work for less money. When your sales are down, please do not hesitate to give some discount if the possible buyers are trying to negotiate the pricing - of course, you need to use some intuition here that this buyer is worth it giving a great deal - I just gained about 3 new buyers who promised me that they will come back - we don’t know they will - but see next how you can.

  4. Implement the sales skill you saw on this forum.
    Remember to go watch 'utilityproof’s tutorial just on top of this page who is famous on here leaving us great tips - and one of his tips was using a feature where you can find under ‘Promote my gig’ customizing gig feature. - Once you create a customized gig for the specific buyer or group - you get a link to a special deal you created for them.

  • whenever you deliver an order; you need to possibly have a sales mindset for yourself and the buyers and try to create an additional special offer that you can make for him! (If there isn’t, it is okay - but if you got an incredible idea, why not offer?)

I tried this method and my success rate was 4 out of 5 and the buyer was very happy with the result as well!

Just my thoughts~ Happy Fiverring guys~

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Thanks for sharing. I haven’t really done much with my seller account in a while and I’m looking forward to getting back into it to pay off some debt and reaching savings goals. I’ve been hesitant to create videos, but I believe that will be my next step.

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