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Question about taking vacations


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I took a summer vacation off of Fiverr to get some rest. When I turned my vacation status off, I got one or two gigs in the following couple of months, much opposed to how my business was going prior, when I was doing three to four gigs a WEEK.

In an attempt to problem-solve, I logged out, went to the category of my top-seller (lyric videos), narrowed the results to Level Two sellers (which I am), and didn’t see my lyric video Gig in the 3 pages of results. I’m concerned that I’m not showing up to potential customers since coming back from vacation. I know business naturally comes and goes for everyone, but after about 50 gigs in eight months with a 5 star rating, I’m feeling a little invisible all of a sudden!

Any ideas would be appreciated! 🙂

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