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How to get my first order with in 3 days


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Hi Guys,
I am new here and i got first order it was a surprise for me because i don’t know much about fiverr. Once i read many inspiring stories then i decided i will use fiverr for full time.

When i create a Gig then within 3, 4 days i saw message in my inbox and i was so excited then order only $5 but it’s a very excited moments for me because in start i want to develop a mature profile and i need positive review and strong rating.

My first job is a big dream for me because i don’t have an idea that i could get first order very soon.

So my first job is still continue and will be complete within a week, i am so happy that i start my journey and hope i can do it more better in future.

It’s a little story for inspiration but a big success for me. Hope your will enjoy.

Thanks for reading and please share your story in comment section below.

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