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Why we new seller didnt get any offer? [Asked 3 times-please-stop]


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Look, mate; this is is exactly why:

YOU posted the same message in the forums three times;
YOU whine and beg instead of working on your gigs;
YOU use childish quotes which you believe should encourage someone to hire you.

Are you noticing a pattern, here? The reason why you won’t get any orders is you and nothing else.

Fiverr is supposed to be a professional working environment aimed at professionals and serious buyers. Put some effort into it.

I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but would you spend your hard-earned cash to hire someone who doesn’t even look professional? Answer’s NO.

If you wouldn’t, why would anyone else?

Change your attitude and you can make it. If you’re unable to do so, Fiverr might just not be for you.

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The gig title is "I will design your dreams amazingly"
which I believe am confusing to a lot of people, and even though it says in your description
that you ads and logos, I don’t see a single sample image. Did you take the time to check out
other successful seller’s gigs? Do you see the difference between your gig and theirs?

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