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Do you have down-time between orders?


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Very envious of sellers that have thousands of sales and only need to deliver a document or make a change or two on some template to get paid, that’s where the serious money is. My focus is to acquire a customer base so I don’t do the quick gigs and off they go never to be heard from again. Rarely ever do I have an empty work queue due to how involved most of my gigs are. However, there have been a few times where it’s all empty and I’ve devised a work-flow that actually increases my sales.

My first real share here on the sellers forum with actual information you can use in hopes that some of you will click the like button next to my post. I’ve never had someone like me before, and feel so lonely, but I digress…

~ Posting in the forum asking how to get more sales is not a good use of your time

~ Reading the forum, learning how to get more sales, as it’s already been posted umpteen times, is a much better way to get a return on investment.

~ Search the Fiverr directory for other sellers with the same gigs you offer and with lots of sales, then ‘borrow’ the best parts for your own gig. Don’t plagiarize, it’s important to only use the idea and adapt it for your own use.

~ Create an image to use as your featured image (the one that shows up as a small thumbnail) and highlight the best parts of your gig. Because we all know people don’t like to read text, but they do seem to like reading images?!? Take a look at all my gigs, you will see that I use the same type of featured image on all of them, only using the main gig details for a description. Shameless plus: contact me and I will create a unique template to use on your own gigs!

~There are 3 spots for images when creating a gig, use them wisely and don’t waste these precious information spots with clipart or unrelated images. Put up a sample, show them what you will deliver, take a screen capture, whatever is needed to show your potential customer the end result.

~ Gig Video… Nuff said!

~ Ok so you don’t do videos, hire a Fiverr seller to make a gig video for you, but beware! It will not be accepted if it’s not unique. Take it from me and the money I spent for not. If you hire a seller that does video testimonials to do your gig video, it will not be accepted as it may cause confusion for buyers. Those are not my words, but from a reply I got when inquiring why my ‘original’ video was denied publication.

~ How many gigs do you offer? Yeah that’s what I thought, just a couple, maybe a handful? And you are looking at ways to make more sales! Am going to spell it out for you: create more gigs… Say it again: create more gigs! Correct me if I am wrong but you can setup at least 25 gigs if memory serves, I know for sure you can have at least 15 as I have reached that number myself once to test the system.

~ Hold on trigger! Don’t spend hours on these new gigs as gigs that do poorly will not show up as often in front of potential buyers eyes and do get ‘paused’ by the Fiverr system for lack of interest. Nobody wants a site full of gigs that aren’t or interest - only great gigs need apply here folks!

~ Reply to messages from potential customers in a timely manner and always include more information than you think they need. Remember, this is potentially your only chance to close the deal, are you sure you want to reply with only a: “Yes, I can do that task” - If that’s all you have been doing or worse, you didn’t bother to capitalize the first letter of the sentence or add the comma, you just risk losing another customer that happens to be a ‘grammar n**i’ and there are lots of them out there, myself included.

~ If your customer gives you a first name, use it and use it well - in other words spell it correctly! Copy and paste it if you must but do not call me Stephen when I clearly told you my name was Stefan. I don’t’ care what you think my name is or how it’s pronounced, do not take liberties with the names of your client, that is one of the most ancient rules of business.

Super Bonus Tip for Super Busy Sellers:

Most will never have this problems, others like myself, will only ever wish to have this problem, but if you do manage to get more orders than you can handle this is what you need to do: Increase your price

You can also decrease what’s included in the package and move those to the gig extras section. If you increase your price, you usually end up making more money with less work so it all evens out. If you raise your price and your sales stop dead over-night you will need to adjust until you find the ‘sweet’ spot. Why do you think there are sales in stores for products that you know for sure must cost more than they are selling for? Case in point, you go to a 99 cent or dollar store and find brand new products and wonder how they managed to pull that off? Did they steal a truck or break into a warehouse to get brand name products to sell for less than a couple dollars? Nope, not at all. This is called market testing, and it’s done all the time by top marketers. If you don’t buy my new soap for only a dollar, you surely will not buy it for $5.99 at the grocery store - it’s all about testing and finding the best price to sell your product or service at.

Will edit this list if anyone wants to add other tips so we can maintain an easy ‘go to’ list for when you lack sales and need something to do.

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