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RE: Seller's That Don't Honor Their Own Guarantee


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I’m pleased to report So I don’t know
I am pleased to report that this matter is resolved. I am not sure why this forum was inferring that I was running a crusade to smear a seller or that my refund request was unreasonable. I was asking for suggestions on how to deal with an unresponsive seller that offered a 100% money back guarantee. So follow buyers here IS what you do DO, if you are requesting a refund from a seller who offers a money back guarantee BUT fails to respond to your request:
Contact customer service. I found that I could not do this from my cell phone. You will need to use a desktop (feature) in order to scroll down and find the “CONTACT US” prompt. When you write to Customer Support they will respond via email and provide a ticket number. You cannot reply to the email. You are required to click on the ticket number to open up and maintain dialogue between you and the representative.
I pasted below a portion of the correspondence I received from Customer Support.

"We are sorry to hear the seller is unresponsive. 😦

As they are unresponsive to our messages as well, I’m in the process of canceling your order, which will put those funds in your Shopping Balance, found in the top corner by your username. We are reviewing the seller’s behavior with our Trust & Safety Team. Due to our Privacy Policy, we won’t be able to share any details about the seller or the actions/taken."

So folks, that is HOW you handle a seller that does not honor their own money back guarantee.

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You were violating Forum Rules for reasons that were pointed out to you, as well as people giving you the link to customer support.

Please don’t inbox me again with the name of the seller–what does it matter to me? It does, however, somewhat speak of a crusade. I can’t recall anyone saying that your request was unreasonable, but I may have missed that post.

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To echo and reiterate what @emmaki had said, no one was presenting you with a rude and obnoxious response but rather a response to your original method of reporting “A bad seller” here on the forum.

If you visit your original thread and read the responses carefully, you will notice the message is the same that is being presented here and there.


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