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Is there a way to see your @ mentions on the forum?

Guest capitalquality

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Short answer: I don’t think so.

Long answer:

It would be nice! As far as I know, the purpose for the @ in the forums is to create a hyperlink to the account, which is a useful way to find the user. It also tends to stand out in the post if the user stumbles across it since it turns to hyperlink-color. It would be a nice addition to have that shown in View Activity, but that probably would have to be after the forum moves on from WordPress.

There are so many things that are not working very well now, I don’t see staff planning anything beyond what is already on the to-do list. The current list will probably take some months to work out, and by then I wouldn’t be surprised if a new forum is created on a platform that can handle the current traffic. The original forum and even this one aren’t ideal for the amount of interest we now see. Good question, though! 🙂

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