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Unique and branded logo for any project


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You have a very unique and great looking original logos. I did not bother looking it up in google as you used your own name as examples, which tells me it is indeed designed by you. There are seller’s that copy other people’s work and have been called out for it.

That being said, I would recommend you change your Description. Right now what you have is this:

“Hello Friends My Name Is usman Mughal I am born in Pakistan I am graphic designer. 3 Year experience in designing Logo In local Market Saudi Arabia .I will provide you with modern, professional,unique branded and 100% original logo design for any project,s in any style”

If you like what you wrote and want to keep it, tweak it a little bit. Delete the “Hello Friends” and start with your name:

“My name is Usman Mughal. I was born in Pakistan but now live in Saudi Arabia. I am a graphic designer with 3 years of experience in designing LOGOs for local businesses. As you can see by the examples, my work is 100% original. I am ready to provide you with a unique, original concept for any project, in any style.”

Like I said, I would recommend you change your description. You name and where you live isn’t necessary but take up valuable space.

What I think you should be doing is appealing to the buyer’s senses. I have no gigs, as I am a buyer. I have bought many items and know what captured my attention. I like reading descriptions that lets me know what you can do for me. I really don’t care about where you live now, where you have lived nor do I care how long you have been in the business.

Let’s face it, a logo is a “Brand” that represents a company, big and small. It could help them grow or sink. I say use it to your advantage and work the emotions.

Good luck to you./Gina

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